Conversion Rollover Caption/Image for HTML5 output

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Last week I posted a blog explaining three possible workflows to replace Rollover Captions/Images. That is necessary when you want to make your HTML output functional for all devices. It is not really necessary for desktops and laptops, because both mouse and trackpad give access to the hover event.

For those who prefer visual learning, this link will show you an interactive Captivate course about the same topic. You will be able to judge which workflow suits you best. I used design elements from the Quick Start Course ‘Earth”. The shared action used in the third workflow was provided in the aforementioned blog post. Try it out.


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Interactive Captivate course, showing how to replace Rollover Captions and Images by a tap-popup solution. Three possible workflows with comparison.
The post Conversion Rollover Caption/Image for HTML5 output appeared first on eLearning.Read MoreeLearning Projects, HTML5/SWF, Sample Project or Free Asset, elearning projects, HTML5 project, html5/swf, Interactive objects, multi state object, rollover caption, rollover image, sample project or free asset, Shared Actions, user defined variable

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