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Employee motivation and engagement is a critical component of employee relations in any organization today. When you add training requirements to everyday work tasks, it can be perceived as extra work that needs more time and energy than a person already spends at the workplace. It becomes imperative that employees feel propelled by something more than just managerial directives to take on and complete training. Additionally, L&D invests a lot in developing, procuring, and tailoring content for organizational training initiatives.

Click below to see how Adobe Captivate Prime can help you make training fun at work, and keep learners / employees engaged and motivated.

Make Training Fun – A 2021 customer guide

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Reward and reinforce learning behavior towards increasing employee engagement and motivation. Use Gamification in Adobe captivate Prime to set tasks, scope learners, create badges, award points, and instill a sense of friendly competition and achievement with a leaderboard.
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