Misaligned Objects in SCORM Cloud Project

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Hi Community!

I need your help. I recently published a course to SCORM Cloud in order to share my project (I currently don’t have access to an LMS). I have been running into an issue where several objects in my published course are slightly off from where I placed them initally. I don’t know why this is happening, and Adobe support has not been terribly helpful as they don’t seem to know either. Examples of this issue include overlapping boxes and grouped objects that are out of place. Some of the objects have entrance animations.

Here is the public link to the course:


Any ideas for helping me troubleshoot this would be great and very much appreciated!


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SCORM Cloud Troubleshooting
The post Misaligned Objects in SCORM Cloud Project appeared first on eLearning.Read MoreDiscussion, Adobe Captivate, Captivate Draft, elearning projects, sample project or free asset

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