1. Digitalized everyday life of the young generation
Children of today have been surrounded by digital technology since their birth; ever since, their everyday life and practices have been entwined with social media, smart phone, tablet, and Internet use. Digital technology has been thoroughly embedded with how they live and learn. They have started interacting with digital technology already as toddlers if not even earlier, and their adult life will for sure be thoroughly embedded and intimately intertwined with digital technology.
2. Tales on digital transformation of basic education pushed forward by COVID-19 pandemic
We have carried out exploratory empirical research addressing digital transformation of education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of basic education in Finland and in the context of special education in India, by interviewing teachers and personnel involved in educational administration. In Finland, we have interviewed teachers and representatives of educational administration in the City of Oulu, while in India we have interviewed special education teachers working with individuals with special needs in private or integrated public schools. Next, we briefly discuss our initial empirical findings.