Adobe Captivate trial and SCORM testing

I’m in day 10 of my 30 day Captivate trial to see if SCORM files created by Captivate will run properly as courses on our LMS.  I can create a simple project and preview it properly using the Preview – SCORM Cloud option, but when I use it as a course module on our LMS, it won’t load (tried but just the “wheel” like it’s trying to load but can’t….).  LMS tech support is telling me it is trying to go to an Adobe site:

“The SCORM file that you have shared with us initially does take us to the Adobe page when tested in both, SCORM Cloud and as well as in my Litmos test environment.”

Why would a SCORM file of my content include the need to involve Adobe online/website when used on our LMS?  Is there something special/specific happening during the trial period of the product that needs to “talk” to Adobe…that will NOT be in play should we purchase the product?

Don’t want to make a purchase decision unless we KNOW content/projects made in Captivate can be published to a SCORM file and will work properly on our LMS.  Hmmmm…..

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SCORM files created with the Captative trial are trying to reach or communicate to Adobe online/website so not running properly on our LMS.
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