Animated Actions and reveals?

Good day – I am pretty new to Captivate; by watching tutorials I have been able to execute click to reveal interactions with advanced actions and multistate objects / buttons.

I have an idea that I am wondering firstly whether it is possible, and naturally following that question is: “How would I set up the interaction?” Please see my rough setup to try and explain what it is I want to do:

On the left side, a multistate object set up as a button, is on one position on the screen. Then I want the user to click on it and trigger 2 actions:

#1 Movement: the object moves across the screen to a new, set position

#2 Another object appears or fades into view on screen during / after the movement of first object, so basically I want Text to fade into view when the “button object” is clicked and moves.

It is important that there is movement / animation involved, not just swopping between different states of an object which makes it abruptly appear in a new location.

Is this possible in Captivate 2019 and how would I build this?

Assistance is much appreciated!

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Is animations triggered by advanced actions possible in Captivate 2019?
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