Captivate Blows

Here is my testimonial about my experience with Captivate. I have Windows 10, 64 bit with Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics card, 64G of RAM and 1 TB solid state drive. I use most of Adobe software on it no problem. But Captivate is a mess. Every time I try to use the Video Demo it shuts down instantly. I read I have to uninstall my webcam software but that didnt work. Even if it did, what good is video capture if I cant use my webcam?

Adobe tech support tells me to disconnect 2 of my 4 monitors. Doesnt work.

Adobe TS tells me to contact windows and show them error message which refers to a Kernel issue with the Op system. So I do.

Windows gives me a mile long reset procedure to back out of my windows updates and it is impractically long and dangerous. I tried and what a mess. Last thing I want is to wipe my HD and reset the whole system by accident, have to reload all my software, restart my system 3 times and on the 3rd start up work in SAFE MODE to do another long list of things…etc… Ohhhh my God! Adobe, FIX YOUR SOFTWARE! None of your clients should have to go thru all this to get $1000+ software to work!!!!

So I say to Adobe, I will NOT be buying your Captivate software because it sucks. If you ever come out with a version where I dont have to pay over $1K for the pleasure of disassembling my monitors and un-updating my operating system, then I will pay over $1000 for THAT software. But I am not going to buy software that requires me to do all of that work with uncertain results! As far as I know, NONE of that will work. And from what I have read, I am far from the only person who struggles with this aspect of Captivate!

So, do I still get my 50 points for my testimonial here?

Camtasia, here I come. I am an Adobe Guy, but this is a pretty bad ding in the armor of Adobe. I really wanted it to work. I prefer all my graphics software to be Adobe, for work flow purposes and because they normally work pretty well. This Captivate is a sick puppy where video capture is concerned.

I will be pleasantly surprised if my post sees the light of day on this forum.


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Captivate blows.
The post Captivate Blows appeared first on eLearning.Read MoreScreen Capture, Testimonial or Case Study, Video demo, "Screen capture software", screen capture, testimonial or case study, video demo

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