Challenge Completed: Adobe eLearning Showcase Challenge – Fall 2020

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After the outstanding success of the first edition of the Elearning Showcase Challenge, we returned with the Elearning Showcase Challenge – Fall Edition, for an even bigger response! The competition commenced on the 1st of October 2020 and participants were asked to create engaging eLearning projects on Adobe Captivate, akin to the criteria of the last one. There was an increase in the number of entries we received this time, and projects ranged from creating awareness on Air Pollution to learning about the Presidents of the United States.

Every project was a refreshing eLearning experience that strengthened our vision as an eLearning solutions platform. And while the participants gave their best shot, they sure didn’t make it easy for our experts to rate and choose the winners!

Now without further ado – announcing the winners of the Fall 2020.

We’re excited that this time around, we’ve selected not three, but five top entries ! As promised, each winner stands to win Gift Cards worth $500 and also get a chance to get featured in our upcoming Elearning Unplugged sessions.

Top 5



Number Guess Game” by Wayne M.

Wayne’s project mixes the perfect proportion of curiosity and reasoning to create a truly immersive experiences which left our judges awe in admiration.






 Questy Arthur” by Bonne N.

The art of quizzing meets the canvas of an epic in myBonne’s project, binding both excitement and learning at the same time.






Safety Quiz ” by  eLearning Goodies

eLearning Goodies explores serious topics like safety with a responsible yet simple eLearning approach.







Simple ways to connect safely” by Robyn O.

With the art of storytelling, robyn_zee’s project sure manages to make people smile and connect better with those they care about in this global pandemic.




Which One Is It? ” by Aislinn L.

Perfectly striking the chord of a fun yet informative quizzing experience, “Which One Is It? ” is a treat for all eLearning authors and aspiring guitarists.




Congratulations to all the winners above and thank you again to all participants, who have raised the bar time and again! These entries are proof that learning can always be a lot more fun with the use of the right tools and some wonderful imagination.

Watch out this space for more news on upcoming engagements and contests!

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Announcing the results of the Adobe eLearning Showcase Challenge – Fall 2020
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