Concentration Game (2021)


On my personal blog you can still find the very first game I every created exclusively with Captivate: no Javascript, no use of widgets nor other applications. That was almost a decade ago. Since that  game used Captivate 5 , it took me quite a number of hours to get a satisfactory result. If you still have a browser with Flash Player plugin enabled, you can even watch the embedded game in this post:

With version 11.5, all interactive learning interactions were taken out (lack of use), including the games. You will recognize the former ‘Memory game’ in this game which I offer as an interactive Greetings card for 2021. Last year I also offered a game for the Chinese New Year.

Using version 11.5,  this version took me only about 20% of the time I spent in 2011 for the original version. This game uses only one shared action (3 parameters), one advanced action to reset (and another one to restart the game). It is also much more flexible. Creating another game with more or less pairs will be a breeze. Finding or creating the images will take lot longer than adding the actions.

Personally I would have used CpExtra to reduce the statement lines in the Advanced actions, because that wonderful widget allows to Assign, Show, Hide, Disable multiple objects in one statement. However, for the sake of consistency I have created the advanced actions  in the default way.

Have fun in 2021!




Wondering if I could organize a webinar about

Remodeling Advanced actions to flexible Shared actions

This would be for developers skilled in Advanced actions. If you are interested, please add a comment.

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Greetings card for 2021, offering a Memory game to disclose the greetings. Another example of the power of Shared actions.
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