html5 publishing problem – content doesn’t load


I’ve searched many post here and implemeneted actions to my project like:

1. verify html5 tracker list  – done, it is clear

2. deleted unused objects from the project library

3. changed slides with captivate’s widgets

4. deleted svg files

5. veryfied the names of the objects in the project library and corrected if there was a missing space in the name

6. deleted animations from slides

7. cleared the projetc’s cache

8. turned off the accessibilty for the project

9. checked the content loadnig under chrome, opera and safari for the moodle and efront platform – no difeerences, problem still exists

still, my content does not load in the html5 preview and with the LMS. I tried to copy all slides (one by one) to new project, still the problem occurs. The only way out is to build a new course, but there is not enough time in project’s agenda to do that. I wasted two days to track the problem and got nothing. Is there any possibility to track the object/effect/action that is causing the problem (beside buliding the new course but not being sure if it will work anyway) ?

I have Captivate 2019 v.

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html5 publishing issue
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