I love New Adobe Connect

When I was considering to teach new users  how to use Adobe Captivate in Japan, I decided to use Adobe Connect (seminar) instead of using the platforms (ZOOM, Teams, Webex) commonly used in Japan.

The reason why is that I became a fan after seeing the new Adobe Connect user interface and listening to instructions on how to use Connect when I attended the Adobe E-learning World in May of this year.

I had an expensive image of using Connect. But I could be supported by local administration for the efforts of companies that are effective in preventing Covid-19 infection, so I contacted a Japanese agency and carried out the procedure.

There are some good points  that I have felt since I started using it. Of course, I think it will be posted on the Adobe Connect website, but let me introduce them as a user.

  1. Even if participants join from the browser, they can join as comfortably as from the application.
    In many Japanese companies, employees cannot install applications without permission. Therefore, to hold seminars on AdobeConnect allows me without having to argue with the use of the platform before the training. ( However, screen sharing is not possible when participating from a browser. )
  2. There are no restrictions on recording capacity or storage.
    I was surprised when I knew that there were no restrictions I thought I would have!
    We can allow the participants to see the recording. And we can freely set the period according to your purpose without worrying about how many more people or days.
  3. There is a space allowed only for the organizer and presenters.   This is very convenient!
  4. Tools such as clocks can be added on the screen
    This is also very convenient! It can be used flexibly, for example only during breaks.
  5. Multiple votes and Q & A can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
    This is not possible on other platforms.

I expect that many of the people who attend the seminar will be interested in Adobe Connect.
I hope that many organizations in Japan will consider using  Connect.

And I have a plan to use Adobe Captivate Prime too. I’m sure the next post will be I Love Captivate Prime.

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I am writing my impressions of using the new Adobe Connect (Japanese) .
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