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This is an updated post. The original post was created more than one year ago. Meanwhile I have been asked so many questions about the Quiz, which resulted in new blog posts, that I wanted to update the table. That is only possible by re-editing and re-publishing the post. The structure of the pdf is still the same, the total number of posts has grown to 31.

Drag&Drop slides used as Quiz or Knowledge Check slides are not included. There is a separate document for them which I need to update as well.


In June 2018 I wrote this article about the main stumbling blocks for Captivate starting users. Because some of my older posts seem to have disappeared, if you cannot find it in this community, here is a link to the same article on my personal blog.

Meanwhile I have been blogging quite a lot about each of those ‘blocks’: Timeline, Quizzing, Themes.  You can download this pdf- document (free) to get an overview of the articles about Quizzing.  You will see three parts:

  • Default setup: explains in depth the default design and setup of Captivate’s Quiz
  • Tweaks: easy ways to edit the default setup in different situations
  • Specials: some recent blogs illustrating more possibilities for quizzes

Originally I had planned to bundle all these texts and more workflows for custom quiz slides and reporting in an e-book. But I doubt very much that will be worthwhile, lot of work and probably no one will buy. If you are interested, please send me a note using the contact form on my website www.lilybiri.com. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

Here is the free pdf, updated on 10 December 2020.


Watch out for a similar document about Timeline, one for Drag&Drop and another one about Themes. Both last blogs seem to be lost at this moment.

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Offer free pdf with links to 19 blog posts about Quizzing: default setup, tweaks and some special use cases.
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