Unneeded Action scripts removal

Hi, I’m currently using the updated and most recent Captivate version on a Windows 10 Pro system, and I’m finishing up an e-learning course. Over time, I have several advanced action scripts I created but no longer need in the course, Is there a way to find out which scripts are not being used and delete or remove them from the course.  I know I can do this for objects like audio clips or images, but I do not see the capability to identify advanced actions. I also know if the action is not being used, it does not affect the course. However, this is a base course/template we will be using for future courses, so I want it to be as clean, tight, and free of any unnecessary scripts, objects, and such as possible for future use. Does anyone know if this possible to do in the current version and how to do this? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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Remove unneeded or unnecessary advanced action scripts.
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