Using Firebase to collect user variable data

Greetings fellow eLearning creators,

I have been asked to create a new user experience that would demonstrate our software. Before it gives them a software simulation it asked them for contact information. I know this is not the typical usage for this product but the sales team liked my software training so much they want to use it as a stand-alone interaction at a trade show when they have too many customers than they can deal with.  When they are all dealing with customers some prospects can use this interaction as a way to keep them interested.

I am intrigued by the possibility of using the tool in this new way. It seems possible. I have seen a few blog posts on capturing live data using Firebase.  What I need help on is suggested blog posts or instructional videos on how to bridge the gap between the two software platforms.  Or, if anyone knows about a function in either software that will allow me to build this bridge.

This is a link to the proof of concept I have been working on.

Option 1 is clunky and doesn’t allow me to use the gathered data in the other slides. Option 2 is better if I can export those variables to firebase.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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Elearner creator seeking advice on building a software bridge between Firebase and Adobe Captivate.
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