A little extra love for compliance headlights in Adobe Captivate Prime

Over the winter holiday, Adobe rolled out major updates to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS. This included absolutely sensational additions like the Immersive Learning Experience Platform (LXP) style experience and comprehensive AI Driven Personalization / Recommendation solutions – but one of the sweetest little hidden gems in the update is an absolute favorite for me. It is an update to the user interface for manager and administrator compliance headlights.

Compliance Cool

Sometimes the most beautiful features are the simplest. This is one of those occasions. One of the biggest hassles of managing people is that you really need to stay on top of how well they are completing tasks – and when those tasks are training – we often sort of expect others to handle the management. Then when we least expect it, we are ‘notified’ that our downline team has been more than a little delinquent about keeping up with regulatory requirements.

The headlights dashboard was actually introduced for managers last year, but this tiny enhancement has made a huge difference for me in easily tracking various compliance related courses for team members. In Captivate Prime you can assign any learning object to this headlights dashboard. It will show you the number of your team members who are compliant, have plenty of time left to reach compliance, are in danger of running past deadline and who have missed the deadline for the course, certification or learning object.

Select learning object to filter for the selected item(s).

In earlier releases however this was aggregate data – giving you a single combined picture of the aggregate compliance of your team on all such assigned courses. Now you can simply select any of the assigned learning objects – it will highlight, and the chart will update to show you the compliance stats filtered to that single course. That alone would be sensational for my purposes, as it mirrors my workflow, but you can also select multiple learning objects here – and see the combined results. This makes it incredibly easy for me to figure out where potential problems may occur. The link on bottom right lets me easily jump to see the details, team breakdowns and discover the individual performance – easing my load and giving me a smooth tool to discover who is compliant and who is not. And by using the configuration tool in this dashboard, I can easily add any training or learning object that I want to the headlights.

As you can see, I’m very happy about this tiny but powerful addition. I hope you like it too. If you are wondering what else is new in the latest updates to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, you can find my article about the release here.

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One of my favorite new features in Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is the intuitive filtering for Compliance Dashboards.
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