Captivate tutorial (Retake Quiz Tweaks)


Last months a lot of questions about tweaking Quizzes appeared. For some of them I wrote out a step-by-step blog, and I will soon update the list with blog links which you will be able to download.

For my blog fans/followers it is not a secret that Themes, Timelines and Shared actions are some of my favourite topics. Since for two new tweaks, I needed to create a longer project, have decided to create this sample project. The tweaks asked for were:

  1. The quiz slides are not all in sequence, but distributed in the project in between content slides. How can the learner see only the quiz slides during Retake?
  2. On the score slide when failed a quiz, how can I offer the learner the choice between Retaking only the quiz, or retake the full course including all content slides?

Sample Project

Content slides with question slides. Each question slide has one attempt, on Quiz level you have 6 attempts. On the score slide you have the possibility to Retake quiz, or to choose to retake the course. When passed or after the last attempt on quiz level, you have the Review functionality, using the customized Review message described in an other article Customized Review Message.

In this example project I used some design elements (not interactions) from the Quick Start Project “Wellbeing”. It is published as scalable HTML output.


Hail SHARED actions!

The project was created with:

  • 5 advanced actions
  • 6 shared actions

If I had used only advanced actions, I would have needed 40 advanced actions. The approach for shared actions is slightly different, but at the end saves a lot of time and the file size of the project is smaller.

How I realized the tweaks for Retake, will be explained in a blog post.

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Sample project about Themes, Timeline and Shared actions in Captivate. For the quiz slides distributed in between the content slides, the Retake functionality has been tweaked. Learner will not have to skip manually the content slides between the quiz slides, and also has the opportunity to retake the whole course after failure, instead of only the quiz slides.
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