I like Captivate a great deal. I’ve seen it online, though I have not worked with it personally. Since I work in Education, I am always trying to find ways to engage learners in new and novel ways. That said, there are many other e-learning programs out there. If you were asked “what makes captivate different from program X?” What would you say? What is your favorite aspect of Captivate relative to the other programs out there?

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Captivate Comparisons
The post Comparison appeared first on eLearning.Read MoreDiscussion, "Elearning authoring tools", adaptive elearning design, Adobe eLearning Community, Best of eLearning, corporate eLearning, discussion, elearning authoring, elearning community, eLearning Pedagogy, elearning resources, responsive elearning authoring tools, Social eLearning

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