Saving Results with Each Question

We can develop online exams using Captivate. The results of these exams can be transferred to the LMS. To do this, we would use SCORM or a similar protocol. Captivate has all the needed functionality built-in, and it can be used quite easily. This works very well with brief examinations or low-stakes examinations. My issue here is that one of the systems might go down before the learner finishes the examination, and then all the work is lost. The examination modules developed by textbook publishers avoid this problem by saving the results of each question as the learner moves from one question to another.

We could do something similar with Captivate. Instead of simply storing the score in variables, we could have a JS subroutine that stores that value in a database (like MySQL) every time the learner clicks on the submit button for each question. Building a system that interacts with a database creates a much more robust examination system, and your students will appreciate that.

Captivate has the capability of interacting with databases, but the programming needed is not trivial. Moreover, you will also need to make sure that there is a database server running that can be accessed through the web, preferably I the same machine as the Captivate HTML5 runtime.

I am going to start developing such a code. And once I have something working, I will share it here. Meanwhile, if any of you reading this have other suggestions or can provide already made routines, it will be appreciated.

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Developing quizzes that interact with a database for robustness
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