Viewing a Flash content after December 31, 2020

If you are working on converting or rebuilding Flash e-learning modules, then you know that today, December 31, 2020, is the end of life for support for Adobe Flash Player. While this work has kept me quite busy this year, I know that there is still old Flash content out there that has yet to be converted. So what do you do when a client asks you to take a look at a module, but you can’t find a browser to view it on?

This is a concern for me, because when I’m working on updating or rebuilding modules, I like to take a look at what was done in the past as part of my analysis. Sure, some clients may want to update some content or graphics, while others want a complete overhaul. In either case, having the ‘old’ module gives me a better idea of my clients’ perspective.

And in the case of one client, who didn’t have any of the original graphics or build files for their Flash module, I relied heavily on the SWF file (which only played in IE11) as a model for rebuilding complicated graphics and arcade-style learning games.

If you’ve read the full announcement from Adobe, you know that although support for Flash ends after today (December 31, 2020), another important date is just around the corner. On January 12, 2021, Adobe will block Flash content from running Flash Player.

So what happens if you need to view a SWF after January 12? 

I’ve downloaded Adobe Flash Player Projector, which enables me play Flash content on my computer (by entering the URL where the SWF file is located, or browsing to a SWF file on my computer). Since the January 12 plan to block Flash content seems to pertain to the Flash Player plugin (for web browsers), the Flash Player Projector shouldn’t be affected – although it will no longer be supported. Still, the Projector may give you a little extra time to view SWF files, especially if you want to implement a conversion plan like the one described by Paul Wilson.

If you are still working on converting or rebuilding Flash modules, hopefully this will give you a little more time to view those Flash files. For now!

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Now that the end of life has arrived for Flash, there is still a way to view Flash content, for now.
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